NEED TO KNOW who writes, who speaks, who leads, who listens, and how they are all connected? You need our expertise.

Given how complex the relationships are among providers, researchers, and others in healthcare, it is vital to focus on key opinion leaders (KOLs) at local, regional, and global levels, and to understand the ties among them. Equally essential are the roles of key leading organizations (KLOs) such as centers of excellence, payers, professional organizations, patient groups, government entities, and journals in structuring KOL activities and relationships, since those are the stages on which KOLs perform. Call on us for the insight and guidance you need.

We map the nexus of organizations and individuals that comprise your target markets.

Since 1995, when Leadership in Medicine pioneered the use of social network analysis to examine KOL influence patterns, our market research services have ranged from quick-turnaround identification of KOLs in small numbers to detailed maps of the ties among large numbers of researchers, clinicians, and leading healthcare organizations worldwide.

No matter the region, specialty, therapeutic area, or preferred methodology, Leadership in Medicine's KOL & KLO market research services are deepest, broadest, and best.

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