Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification & Profiling
  • International, national, regional, state, or local level identification
  • Rising stars
  • Social network ties among peers, mentors, and mentees
  • Speaking and teaching experience
  • Media exposure
  • Organizational affiliations
  • Opinions and perspectives
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Full professional biographies
  • Validated complete contact information
  • Much more
Key Leading Organization (KLO) Identification & Profiling
  • What are the clinical and research centers of excellence?
  • Influence maps among medical institutions, journals, and associations
  • Institutional constraints placed on KOL activities
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Affiliations with particular KOLs
  • Controls on marketing and sales activities
  • Authorship requirements
  • Detailed assessments of departmental structure, patient load, etc.

KOL Influence Mapping

Since 1995, we’ve been applying social network analysis techniques to the information we collect on influencers in healthcare to identify and draw the connections among points of leverage for our clients. Many choose our most robust approach, combining primary and secondary research to reflect the multi-trait, multi-method gold standard of social science research. Some also collaborate with us to implement further-customized measures of KOL influence which we then build into our dynamic software tools.

KOL Centrality Rankings. We use evidence-based social network analysis algorithms that go beyond rank-ordering to provide fine-grained ratings of KOLs' potential influence. Network centrality provides an unbiased assessment based on objective data and decades of published confirmatory research.

KOL Peer Nominations. Based on surveys, we identify the international, national, regional, and local KOLs most often recognized by their peers as influential in determining the direction of current research and practice. Each survey is customized to meet the client’s unique information needs. The v.5 Profiler & Social Network Navigator® software seamlessly integrates detailed survey results with KOL biographical profiles.

KOL Multi-Factorial Ratings. Since influence follows many channels, we offer our clients multiple metrics that may be individually weighted and combined according to their particular needs and objectives within the Profiler & Social Network Navigator®. While we offer strategic guidance, the KOL list may be re-ranked by the user as priorities change.

Influence Flows. In addition to ratings, rankings, and biographies, our dynamic software provides influence maps that allow our clients to:

  • Easily visualize the nature and strength of KOLs’ relationships
  • Focus in-depth on the particulars of each relationship
  • Switch quickly between influence maps of one type and another
  • Rapidly assess the content and quality of relations
  • View the degrees of separation among KOLs

Custom Analyses

Taking pride in developing innovative, methodologically sound approaches to analysis and presentation of KOL data, we welcome opportunities to provide highest value solutions to the most difficult questions you face. We like a challenge.

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