Profiler & Social Network Navigator®, v.5.4

Since 1999, Leadership in Medicine's full-featured KOL management tool has enabled clients to effectively manage their key-opinion-leader relationships and activities. As our clients’ strategic requirements change, though, our software keeps pace. Today, its functionality also fully encompasses the identification, profiling, and influence mapping of key leading organizations (e.g., payers, centers of excellence, patient groups, professional associations) on their own and in relation to KOLs.

Designed from the start to balance robust functionality with ease-of-use and hassle-free deployment, this web-based application is scalable from one user to the entire enterprise.

Key features?

  • Securely hosted, web-based 24/7 access
  • Dynamic visual representations of social networks among both individuals and organizations
  • Extensive multi-format reporting capabilities
  • Geographic mapping
  • PowerPoint ® presentation of key results
  • Robust import/export capabilities
  • Built-in capacity to provide and annotate data to support compliance with both internal business rules and external regulations
  • Activity tracking
  • Multi-level permissions

Technical requirements for your company’s IT staff?

  • NONE!


Full-featured, robust, easy-to-use KOL management software system.

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Robustly featured
Profiler & Social Network Navigator®

Version 5.4!

KOL/KLO management software

Requires no client-side IT support