Project Scope and Definition (Standard*)

This document will be used by your study's Project Manager to guide the research process. Please fill it out as completely as possible. Subsequent changes to the project's design may delay the delivery date.

At the start of the project, your Project Manager will provide a timeline, including a date for the preliminary list of thought leaders. Final delivery date of the completed project cannot be guaranteed until we receive your final approval of the thought leader list.

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Number of Thought Leaders:
Therapeutic Area:
Preferred terminology:  
**For survey projects, please leave the Number of Thought Leaders field blank. At the end of this form you will be asked to describe the desired configuration of your survey.

1. Please describe the intended use of the compound/device:

2. As you consider your primary intended use for these thought leaders, how important are the following roles?
Clinical Trialist
Advisory Board/Consultant

Please add any additional roles or uses we should consider.

3. How should thought leaders be distributed by region and country? (If you want LMI to choose the best-qualified thought leaders, regardless of geographic distribution, please leave this section blank.)

Asia Pacific   
Latin America  
Emerging Markets  

4. Some therapeutic areas allow us to identify emerging and up-and-coming thought leaders. If applicable, would you like us to include them in this study? If yes, please indicate approximate percentage.
Include Emerging and Up-and-Coming Thought Leaders    

5. Should we include leading non-MD researchers and allied health care professionals? Note that researchers often have broad and/or strong ties to the clinical community.

(Check to include) PhDs | RNs | NPs |   PAs | PharmDs | Other:      

6. Please indicate desired specialties and approximate percentages (e.g., Pulmonologists, 50%).
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7. As we select thought leaders, should we consider the following for inclusion in this study?

Check to include: Surgeons Directly employed by Competitors?
Pediatricians Directly employed by Government?

8. Key words allow us to more narrowly focus on literature, activities, trials, etc., relevant to your study, ensuring that our thought leader selection is on target. Please specify key words and compounds to guide us.

9. As part of our routine research process, we will search for participation in relevant current and recent clinical trials. Are there any specific current or recent trials (or past landmark trials) we should be sure to search?

10. We will attempt to search all relevant recent conferences for speakers.Please specify any conferences of particular importance.

11. We will attempt to search all relevant congresses for leadership positions. Please specify associations we should search for leadership positions.

12. Are there specific clinical/research interests we should look for as we select thought leaders?

13. Using the keywords and other data you have entered above, your project manager will search for the thought leaders best suited to your needs. To help guide our picking, can you suggest two or more "ideal" thought leaders?

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